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You're probably not looking for the latest in clouds, containers, flash drives, and processors.
You're looking for an internet presence that helps you reach potential new customers and keep in touch with old customers.
You want it to be reliable, easy to use, and fast.
You're looking for benefits that will help your company. Just like your marketing department is looking for benefits to help your customers.

What a concept.


Design For Your Customers

At Fane Software we offer custom web development, but instead of focusing on the technology and latest whiz bang we work with you to develop a strategic internet marketing plan, of which a web site may be just one part.

Once we know your target audience, key words that are unique to your industry, and what your goals are the custom web development starts. We use the latest in User Experience to plan a tour for your visitors. What key words are they using to find you, what pages are they coming to, and what do they need to see to visit the pages that will round out their knowledge about you and your company.

First Class Flight

Our front end developers work to make sure visitors have a positive experience, with quick load times, easy to find buttons and widgets, and a site that responds to their needs. It's like flying first class on a first class airline.


Realizing Your Site

Now that we have a web development strategy in place we go to work realizing your site. You'll have new ideas come up as you see the site take shape and there are no surprises from us as we make the changes you want to see.

Leave the (Technical) Details to Us

One of the biggest complaints we hear from new customers is how hard it was to get their previous website developers to make changes. That's why we use a Content Management System (CMS). This allows you to make immediate changes to images, text, and navigation of your sites.
Don't want to learn web technologies? No problem. Use our easy fill-in form system to request changes and they'll be in place quickly or on your schedule. You're driving this bus.


You're In Control

If you have a little engineer in you and you want to take over, that's great. If you don't want to take web development courses to get your marketing communication out there we can handle that too. It's your site, and you won't have to worry about us acting like we own it.


Controlling Your Costs

Good marketers imitate, great marketers steal.
In our case we steal legally.

We use a content management system (an easier way for owners to add content) called Drupal. Not only is there a framework that provides a large number of features a website needs, but there are 39,364 additional modules available. We keep custom development to a minimum so your CFO breathes a sigh of relief.

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