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Burnham Gold Realty


The Customer Need

Sometimes you need multiple employees posting content which will be massaged to add maps and other rich data before review and posting. This is common at universities and online magazines but works for any business that has multiple posters.

Our Solution

We were able to re-use features built for those large sites to enrich the experience to visitors of this real estate brokerage site. Now each realtor can post their listings in a site that is both user and search engine friendly.
We also added an interactive map that lets visitors immediately see the location of the property. But there are many legal considerations in real estate, and the broker is allowed to review each listing before clicking a checkbox and making it available to the public.

The Result

Realtors are very sensitive to cost. By leveraging software that was built for an open source solution we've been able to keep costs down while giving visitors everything they need at their fingertips.
Each realtor has their own page with information they can keep up, providing both a broker level view but also personalizing the experience for each realtor in that brokerage.