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Myers + Chang

The Customer Need

What do you do if you're one of the most celebrated chefs of the Boston area? Myers + Chang didn't need a normal web site, they have an audience. They needed a way to keep in touch with their audience and a channel for add-on sales.

Our Solution

An old marketing textbook says that you don't sell 1/4" drill bits, you sell 1/4" holes. What Myers + Chang sell is great food in a socially welcoming atmosphere. The homepage shows you that right away, from the photo you understand it's people having a great experience.
Other pages show you the current menu, which is always creative and new, sells gift certificates, and points you to Joanne Chang's books.
We also bring in social media via tweets posted under the logo, and reservations by OpenTable

The Result

Not only does M+C remind their fans of their menus and great food, but they rack up extra sales. Being too busy is a good problem to have.