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Jessica Ricci Jewelry


The Customer Need

Jessica Ricci has a unique product. She literally combs the world looking for ancient art to use in her jewelry design. She needed a site that displayed her jewelry, enabled a sale and followed up delivery with her customers, but she wanted to explain the history and show what a necklace or bracelet of her amulets would look like. Since her products are specialized buyers probably haven't seen them before, unless they've been to her shop or a gallery selling her products.

Our Solution

A unique product needed a unique presentation. We helped Jessica Ricci Jewelry create a Build-Your-Own necklace user experience for her very special charms and amulets.

We quickly put together a shopping cart and catalog for her, then we built a user friendly custom application where a customer could pick amulets and place them on their choice of chain. The can be moved around, removed, or put back on the chain. Then with a simple click of a button the items are added to their shopping cart and the money is on its way to the bank.

The Result

Ms. Ricci can focus on her jewelry and travel around the world knowing her site is hosted on a safe, monitored platform and the sales keep accumulating while she follows her passion.