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  • industrial uses
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  • video integration


The Customer Need

Industrial sales are difficult. Very specialized, with lots of detail. Integration with marketing information and technical documents, sometimes videos added inline that help to visually explain operation and use. Interfaces to inventory management systems and accounting software, and links to other information like financing.
Add to that suddenly finding yourself to one of the hottest new industries since the internet and you have to roll out a lot to business people that sometimes don't understand their own requirements.

Our Solution

We created a page type that makes it easy to add products. Category pages that list products by their features with fields that make it easy to add videos.
There's an interface that adds potential customer information to their Customer Relationship Management software when they request a quote ensuring timely followup. And lots of pages for educational material and links to technical detail manuals.

The Result

They've been able to get historical customers the quotes they need in a timely manner and follow up with new markets with the explanations and extra assistance they require. Add good organic search engine optimization and they're name is getting out there.