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Nick Bradshaw Art

The Customer Need

If you're one of the top artists in the comic book industry you probably have a good sized fan base and a large collection of art. The question is how to connect the two, and maximize the return on your lifetime of art.

Our Solution

We started with a high contrast design to make his art pop. Then a shopping cart, an auction module, payment handling, and a custom form that's emailed to him for commissions.

Then lots of text on his site so the search engines know who he is. Now his fans find him quickly on Google without having to pay for pay-per-click advertising. Search engines like that, but they can be a waste of money, especially when you have name recognition.

The Result

Nick chooses art to add to the catalog on an ongoing basis. He has a simple interface now so he scans art, creates a new product, and uploads it. Then he checks sales and gets those ready to ship. It takes just a few hours a week to keep the site updated.
And Nick is secure knowing the site uses the latest security techniques to keep it safe and his customer information safe.