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Pervall Medical

The Customer Need

Dr. Gina Pervall came to us seeking a site that would advertise her services as well as help organize future patients for those services. One of her most important services was offering Drug & TB Testing for the schools of the District of Columbia. Teachers needed to be able to request a reserved spot to come in and conduct the testing. This testing is legally rigorous and only a few patients at a time can be processed.
As with many medical appointments, the patient needed to be reminded the day before the test as well as sent a confirmation.
Then Dr. Pervall needed to be able to run reports on who would be expected on any certain day, review how many patients were tested, how many no-shows were in the system, and the ability to change the number of appointments on a day-to-day basis.

Our Solution

We created a website that offered her services in an easy to read and follow format. This is important for organic search engine optimization as well as her customer base.

We installed an event module that was available as open source to both save her time and money, and ensure that the software was well tested and kept up to date. The Drupal security team also reviews these modules to prevent anyone hacking the site.

The Result

Dr. Pervall has been adding appointments and following patients for years now. This system is so easy for her to maintain that the only time we hear from her is when she wants changes to the services she offered.