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Tisch MS

The Customer Need

Like any non-profit research facility, Tisch has a lot to do with limited resources. They have fundraising events, research papers to share, a message for people suffering from MS, and a network of researchers to coordinate with.

Our Solution

We started with a mobile friendly web design. We added a Customer Relations Manager (SugarCRM) that works well with non-profits. We added an event manager to sell tickets and track attendees, as well as put ticket purchasers in the CRM. Then we added a custom module that would use a payment gateway they needed to use.
Add basic document handling and a customer created form (it's easy) to request being added to the access list for the documents (and adding the requester to the CRM, seeing a trend here?).
We added user pages for board members and staff so they could keep their information current and available to the public.
News and Events pages have their headlines listed on a page that makes it easy to see the latest.

The Result

The Tisch staff feel like superheroes, able to leap tall websites with a single bound. They can add events, sell tickets, and keep the site updated with the latest news without it consuming all of their time.